1948... Midnight in a cold soggy forest across the Ganges in the heart of eastern India.

Young bone-setter Shambhu is lying face down in a ditch with a knife through his body.

Between now and sunrise, the jungle is the setting for a desperate cat and mouse game.

Will Shambhu die like his friend, whose grisly murder he witnessed helplessly? Or will he confront the Thakur, whom he holds responsible for bludgeoning his friend to death?

Who is left standing as the chase draws to a bloody end and the night ticks down to eventual sunrise?

Find out...
Hemant Kumar
"I was raised in Bihar of the sixties and seventies. Every summer, my family vacationed at my grandfather’s home by the Ganges in Patna, where I spent hours at the riverbank.

Prey By The Ganges has cooked in my mind for as long as I can remember... "
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